Apple’s Cheaper iPhone Possibly with Ceramic Device Holding

The well-debatable Apple’s cheaper iPhone was surrounded by many rumors. Some people suggested the fact that the new handset will be revealed at the end of August while others expect the new device in the last quarter of 2013. However, what we already know is the fact that it will be cheaper than the rest of iPhone devices revealed by Apple so far, and it will be displayed in multiple colors.

Cheaper iPhone Ceramic Enclosure

Now, another rumor has started roaming around the internet. Apparently, the rumored low-cost iPhone will embody a ceramic device holding. The ceramic device enclosure represents a unibody type design fabricated from multiple layers of substrate in a technique such as the one used in laying the fiberglass.

In 2006, Apple filed an application for a patent similar as the one they requested these days, also called the “Multi-Layered ceramic enclosure”. The only difference is the fact that the 2006 patent for radio-transparent zirconia CE casing used ceramic extrusion techniques, while the recent one demands layering ceramic enclosure.

As previous rumors suggested in the past, the low-cost Apple’s iPhone will hold a fiberglass shell, which will help the Fruit Company to decrease the price of the well-awaited handset. However, the fiberglass material was supposed to use the already-mentioned techniques in the recent patent.

As it concerns the new patent filled by Apple, this one refers to the ceramic device holding system, the materials and processes required in order to manufacture a strong, lightweight housing built from laminated ceramic. In the description of the patent filling, Apple already mentioned the fact that the ceramic housing can be used for handheld computing devices, which can also be used to cellular devices such as the iPhone.

As the new invention sounds, it will become a strong multi-layered ceramic housing made out of zirconia or alumina with several windows to provide access to electrical components and touchscreens. This particular system of housing will be suitable for “an enclosure of an electronic device capable of wireless communication” as Apple stated in the patent description.

The future ceramic housing for the low-cost iPhone might be similar with the unibody enclosure designed for the current iPhone 5. Its design will also prevent moisture and debris from getting into the device. However, the ceramic holding represents only a small part of the cheaper iPhone. In order to succeed in revealing a cheaper device by the end of this year for different marketplaces, Apple needs to find a way to produce in a cost-effective manner all its required components.

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