Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Interviewed at All Things Digital Conference Opening

Tuesday night at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was the headliner. One week after facing an enormous number of questions regarding the company’s problems with the tax practices, Tim Cook appeared to be extremely hospitable at the conference.

There were only a few topics the CEO refused to discuss, such as his personality, former executives who were not present in the room, and Apple’s future plans.

Al large part of Tim Cook’s speech was based on defending Apple’s prowess as a tech trend-setter as Apple recently received complaints that the company stopped releasing any groundbreaking products lately.

tim cook

Regarding the fact that on June 10 Apple plans to show off new versions of the iOS software used in iPhones, iPads and iPod touches and the OS X software that is at the core of Macintosh computers at its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, Tim Cook refused to give too much information. He denied saying what the new software’s appearance would be like or what are the features that it might have.

In regards with the wearable computing, Tim Cook confessed that the field seems interesting, although he did not say whether Apple will definitively set to work in wearables. When it came to glasses, he stated that the idea appears to be risky, but claimed the company has a “very grand vision” for the future of television.

When it came to the fact that Samsung’s growing strength or the surging popularity of Android suggests a deeper problem for Apple, stating that Apple had sold 85 million iPhones and 42 million iPads in the last quarter and that the customers love the products. Moreover, Tim Cook sustained that winning is not about making the most, emphasizing on the fact that Apple makes the best products, although it does not sell the most.

In addition, the Apple CEO stated that making the customer happy is extremely important; therefore Apple is focused on engagement, commerce, and customer satisfaction.

If Tim Cook is eager to launch new Apple products, was not clear. However he stated that Apple releases products when they are ready, and the company believes very much in the element of surprise as they think customers love surprises.


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