Apple Began Using In-Store iPhone Screen Repair Machines

As Apple’s iPhone sold more than every other product in the company’s portfolio combined, the smartphone repairs became a priority for employees of Apple’s Genius Bars.

Therefore, according to a recent announcement, Apple, instead of just selling users with a broken iPhone a new one, found a new way of doing in-store screen repairs on broken devices. Therefore, Apple users will be able to get their smashed iPhone screen fixed in-store for the cost of $150, with or without AppleCare.

It appears that the machine Apple is now using for replacing damaged iPhone screens in-store instead of remaining with its previous policy of swapping them for a new handset was created in order to save $1B a year.


However, not only that, as stated above, replacing the out-of-warranty screen will cost $149, less than the $229 cost of a replacement handset, but also the user will not have to restore the data from backup, although Apple’s advice for its customers is to do a backup before any kind of repair is carried out. Therefore, the company’s choice is good for the users, as well.

The only problem that appears according to some sources is that the early trials of the machine are not going too well, as a couple of iPhones had been broken during the screen replacement process. This means that the devices required a costly replacement, and apparently Apple might expect the user to pay for it.

Judging by the image that was recently published online by, the new calibration machine does not seem to have any outward branding. Probably this is the reason why it was said to be custom-built by Apple.

The service seems to be opened to both AppleCare+ and non-AppleCare+ customers. Employees are the ones who conduct the repair, and afterward, the machine is used to automatically calibrate the display’s functionality. In addition to the iPhone displays, it appears that retail employees will be able to replace not only cameras, sleep/wake buttons, but also logic-boards by July.

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