Apple’s 500M Users – One of the Largest and Faster Growing Bases

Apple’s current account base of over 500 million users is one of the largest and faster growing based among technology companies. The database is growing and spending at an extraordinary rate while future mobile payments services or the alleged streaming radio could hasten the company’s advance.

In the same time, according to data gathered by Morgan Stanley, Apple is twice as expanded as Facebook in the total number of user accounts for the 2012. The 500 million active Apple accounts are more than double the 200 million active Facebook accounts.

In addition, during 2012, Apple saw its account base grow with almost 55 percent compared to previous years. As far as the revenue per account, Stanley also discovered that Apple generated around $329 per user, which places the big Cupertino-Based company in the first place among other successful technology companies.

Apple's 2012 revenue per user

The second place in the revenue top is help by Amazon with $305 per user while E-Bay lands on the third place with only $125 per user. However, E-Bay is surpassing the fourth place with only $2 revenue per user.

Another analyst, Katy Huberty, also suggests the fact that the Fruit Company is likely to reach around 600 million users with active Apple IDs this year, surpassing other rival platforms such as Amazon. She thinks that Apple might reveal new platforms that will take content from the existing iTunes and App Store, which will prevent users of searching for favorite things in other places.

The inclusion of the e-wallet payments will bring a notable percent to Apple’s revenue. Customers will be tied up with existing credit cards accounts registered with iTunes and App Store, and future brick-and-mortar purchases will be performed using the e-wallet instead of a physical credit card. The e-wallet payment method will see a fingerprint sensor included, which will secure payments and transfers. The fingerprint sensor is rumored to become a part of future devices since the company purchased the AuthenTec.

Besides this, Apple can also increase its revenues with the help of the future iRadio service. The internet streaming service is expected to generate more than a billion dollars per year, and it is likely to be presented at the WWDC next week.

On the other hand, Pandora’s revenue per user in 2012, without the audio ads, was only $4.42. By comparing to a similar figure, if only 40 percent of the current Apple user database will use the iRadio service, the Fruit Company will have around $883 million revenue per year while 50 percent of users will bring more than $1.1 billion in revenue.

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