Apple’s 50 Billionth Download is “Say the Same Thing”

The App Store In present, launched in July 2008 with just 500 apps. In present, it has 850,000 applications on the App Store, 350,000 of them being native to the iPad. As the company stated, the customers are now downloading more than 800 applications per second, at a rate of more than 2 billion apps per month.

In March, last year, Apple celebrated the fact that the company’s App Store recorded 25 billion downloads. At that moment, a woman who downloaded the “Where’s My Water” game was surprised with a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

According to recent news, Apple again has something seriously significant to celebrate, as the company officially announced that it hit the 50 billion app download mark, a figure that includes unique downloads, the re-downloads or updates, not being counted.


The one that downloaded the 50 billionth app was Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio and the app was Say the Same Thing by Space Inch LLC. Brandon Ashmore received a $10,000 App Store Gift Card, as an award from Apple.

The winner was aware of the fact that he might have a chance to win the Apple reward, and he declared that he tried to increase his chances of winning by waiting to download a few apps until earlier this week. Ashmore added that he was not sure how he would spend the huge amount of money, but he appeared extremely interested in downloading tons of movies, apps and iBooks.

In addition, the company promised to award the next 50 customers that followed the 50 billionth download, by giving them $500 App Store gift cards.

However, although it took App Store customers 14 months to get from 25 billion downloads to 50 billion, it seems that the number of downloads keeps Apple only just a little bit ahead of a key rival, Google as it has announced 48 billion app downloads from its Play store at the I/O conference yesterday. In addition, according to the statements, more than 2.5 billion downloads have been in the last month.

Even though, Apple appears to be facing growing competition from Google and BlackBerry, it still is the most important of the device makers in terms of the number of apps offered and sold. Apple had to wait about five years in order to hit 50 billion App Store downloads and, according to the predictions based on the current download rate, the company has to wait around two more years until it hits 100 billion.

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