Apple Won a Patent for an Augmented Reality System

The U.S. Patent Trademark Office published Apple’s U.S. Patent, received on Tuesday for an augmented reality system, able to identify objects in a live video stream. Not only this, but also the synchronized interactive augmented reality system uses various iOS devices features, such as multitouch screen, camera and internet connection.

In other words, Apple’s Patent is using real-world images, displaying them beneath a layer of information produced by a personal computer.


In order to identify the objects, Apple’s augmented reality system is using already existing recognition tactics, such as edge detection, Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT), template matching, explicit and implicit 3D object models, 3D cues and leveraging Internet data, as well as many more.

The Augmented Reality System’s Beneficial Features

What is extremely attractive in regards to the manner this system functions, is actually the users’ interaction with the generated information. An example that would explain this assertion is the following one: in case the system fails to detect and properly recognize an object, the user is able to do that himself, using on-screen control. In addition, users have the possibility to send the live view data to another device, using a wireless connection. Not only that, but they are also able to add annotations to the images.

Another interesting feature that the ‘548 patent possesses is the spilt-screen. Due to this separated screen, the love and computer generated views appear to be divided into different windows.

There is another feature that will undoubtedly impress all Apple fans. Not only that the user can enjoy the split-screen, but he can also synchronize the data between two devices.

In different words, the real time and the views of the device generated by the computer can be showed on a second and vice versa.

In case, two users attempt to find each other in a little known place, or when one of them is in need of some basic directions, this feature can be extremely useful. In these cases, numerous stable sensors, such as GPS and motion, are able to be used, in order to improve the precision of the action and to simplify it.

Furthermore, the augmented reality system might be utilized by doctors, as well, especially when they must present medical diagnosis or even treatment. In this particular case, the doctor is able to share a live view with its patient, complete with x-ray, for instance.

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