Apple Wins iPhone Trademark Lawsuit in Brazil

While Apple was busy with the release of two new handsets and a new mobile operating system, IGB Electronica from Brazil sued Apple of using the “iPhone” term for describing its mobile handsets.

However, things turned out to be pretty good for the Cupertino-based company. A Brazil judge ruled that Apple is able to use the iPhone name, clearing the way for the tech giant in order to offer its products in one of the biggest countries in South America. As expected, Apple plans to expand its products in the large marketplace offered by Brazil.

Apple Wins iPhone trademark in Brazil

Within this ruling, the judge decided that the Fruit Company and the plaintiff, IGB Electronica must share the iPhone name, writing the U.S. Company has built a worldwide known line of iDevices. According to the Judge Eduardo de Brito Fernandes, “Apple’s iPhone is world renown and it would be unfair to permit IGB Electronica to have sole ownership of the trademarked name.

Previously, Apple has met the Brazilian company in a courtroom. In 2012, Apple lost its bid to use the iPhone term in Brazil after they lost a battle from the country’s Institute of Industrial Property. After appeal, the court decided in Apple favor, and the Fruit Company can legally use the iPhone term in order to describe its products.

The judge also declared that the Gradient iPhone name was joining the words “internet” and “phone” describing a handset with internet access. It is worth mentioning the fact that the Brazil Company is not stopping here. IGB plans to appeal this latest ruling.

Moreover, Apple encountered various other iPad problems on the South America’s soil. Earlier this year, a lawsuit was filed for another Apple major product. The lawsuit claimed that Apple’s iPad 3 was intentionally made obsolete, with the introduction of the next iPad model including some features not available in the earlier tablet.

Apple considers Brazil as the key for its expansion beyond the United States, with a large marketplace to offer. Aiming to reach other type of users, Apple has taken into consideration a last year report indicating that, by 2018, the so-called BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India and China), might surpass the Unites States as a launching pad for smart devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Critics suggest the fact that the Brazil lawsuits follow the other lawsuits intended against the Cupertino-based company from various Chinese companies. For instance, Apple paid $60 million to buy the iPad name trademark from bankrupt Chinese firm ProView. The respective dispute was the trigger for many other ones. However, Apple managed to get the iPad trademark from ProView, as well as to gain the other lawsuits.

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