Apple Updates Apple Store App for iPhone

Apple has always tried to keep up with its products by revealing various new features and options. When the technology field brings something new, Apple hurries to adapt to the new change in order to please its customers.

This time, Apple considered that it is the time to change and improve the experience of shopping along the already-famous App Store. When Apple Store was revealed, Apple regarded its introduction as a method of increasing its iconic retail stores. However, this feature has been offered a handsome update.

Apple Store version 2.7 has been made available over at the iOS App Store. As it was expected, the new version brings the usual array of bug fixes and performance enhancements while offering a better search functionality.

Apple Updates Apple Store app

At this point, when you make a purchase at a regular Apple Retail Store, you are encouraged to head up to Apple Store app to make your payments. In this way, users have a quicker and a more effective alternative to keep their payments secured. The app can turn out to be perfect to make a new purchase of an iPhone, iMac or iPad on the fly. Now, with all these tweaks and touch-ups, things are even easier than ever. Apple Store app v2.7 represents the perfect spring of information about everything regarding Apple’s products.

Apparently, according to a previous rumor, Apple employees are encouraging their customers to install the Apple Store app on just-purchased iPhone as being a part of a new sale-method. In fact, critics suggest that this new initiative might represent Apple’s way of implementing Apple Store app to the native app list. Customers will be convinced over this idea with promises of new, possibly free content from the various iTunes and iBooks Stores. It is worth mentioning that this said content might be available only for a short period of time, but it will bring users the possibility to add new content to their new devices.

According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, iPhones are one of the most important gateway products that lead customers to buy other Apple products. Ironically, only a small percentage of iPhones are sold in Apple Stores with the majority of sales coming from third party locations like carrier stores or electronic retailers.

Along with this method, Apple is planning to implement a new iPhone trade-in program, which is designed to encourage users to change their old handsets with new models by offering a credit for older devices.

For those of you, who are interested in downloading Apple Store app v2.7, just visit App Store and search for Apple Store for iPhone. The app is now ready to download, and it is free of charge.

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