Apple TV 6.0 Update with iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud

With all this hustle surrounding the iOS 7 and Apple’s latest two different handsets, the Apple TV was left aside. Now, the Fruit Company has decided to update its little hobby after months of speculations.

The mythical Apple TV software has been finally updated by Apple, after keeping it in a beta version for quite a while. The update brings multiple attractive features such as iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud and more.

Today’s release and namely Apple TV 6.0 should clear things up for Apple fans. Bringing a handful of new and handy features, Apple TV 6.0 update features iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iCloud Photos and Video and the famous iTunes Music Store.

Apple TV 6.0 Updated

All these improvements of the product will be offered through Apple’s AirPlay technology as well as using Apple’s server set. The new update allows users to play videos from iTunes using the iCloud features, which means that users will no longer have to download the content in order to watch it.

Moreover, the new Apple TV update gives users the possibility to easily view photos and videos that were added to a personal shared photos stream. For those who hate connecting multiple cables in order to view a bunch of photos, the wireless option will be more than welcomed.

What is different with this update is the fact that it brings iTunes Music Store. This feature lets users browse, purchase and play music all from the comfort of their home. What makes this feature so great, is the fact that it brings accessibility and utility for all users in any place.

The iTunes Radio is a well-debated topic since it was introduced in the iOS 7 and now, it is a part of the Apple TV update. The feature allows those residing in the U.S to have access to millions of songs ready to be streamed.

Having a serious competition from Google’s part with Chromecast dongle and Sony’s PS Vita TV, Apple’s hobby should become something more than just a hobby. In order to keep a top place in the field of smart TV, Apple should consider updating Apple TV more often.

For those who are interested in upgrading their smart TVs, Apple TV 6.0 update featuring iTunes Radio and AirPlay from iCloud is available for download at the following links:

Apple TV 6.0 Download Links

Apple TV 2G 6.0 (11A470e)

Apple TV 3G 6.0 (11A470e) (for old models)

Apple TV 3G 6.0 (11A470e) (for new models)

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