Apple to Open iOS APIs to Developers in the Future

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that Apple is offering access to iOS application programming interface (APIs) in the future for all third-party developers. In this way, the company will allow apps to integrate with higher functions of the iPhone and the iPad.

During the D11 conference on Tuesday, Cook suggested the fact that the operating system of its famous products will become more open to developers and that the company would give up some of its strict control and boundaries over the operating system.

However, during the statement, Cook also wanted to add the fact that this new liberty for third-party developers will not put the customer at risk. The operating system will remain a safe and secure environment for all personal data. There will “always be a fine line to walk here, or maybe not so fine”.

Apple to open iOS to developers d

As far as Cook is concerned, Apple’s CEO considers the operating system a safe place to store personal files and people choose to buy Apple products mostly because their offer an increased system’s security and stability. However, this liberty regarding the OS might influence the customer’s choice with Apple products in a way or another.

All this control and liberty for third-party developers over Apple’s operating system will not be as it sound. Cook also pointed out the fact that the ultimate control will lie in the hands of Apple. In the same time, Apple’s CEO admitted the fact that Apple’s software is more closed in comparison to other platforms such as Android.

When discussing the Facebook update issue, Cook said that when Facebook approached Apple with the Facebook idea, the company was not that convinced. In his defense, Tim Cook said that he thinks that customers pay for Apple products because they do not need to take their own decisions. This is what happened with Facebook Home as well.

In what concerns the Facebook Chat Heads option, users will have to wait a little bit longer. When asked if the company plans to add the feature to iOS, Cook replied, “There’s always more the companied can do together. I don’t think that that’s one.”

When talking about control, Mr. Mossberg, the host of the conference asked Cook why the company does not allow customers to make alternative accessories as it happens in the case of Google. Here, third party developers can offer various choices. However, Cook answered that the Cupertino-based company does not want to offer a bad experience to its customers.

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