Apple to Expand Its Silicon Valley Workforce

A recent report released on Tuesday reveals the fact that Apple plans to expands its Silicon Valley workforce by nearly 50 percent during the next three years. This report suggests the fact that the company is confident in hitting the market with future top products such as iPhone and iPad.

The detailed report also clarifies the fact that the Fruit Company expects to hire at least 7,400 more workers to its Cupertino headquarters between this time and the planned completion of a new office complex in 2016.

Besides the increased number of employees, Apple also reported the fact that the company needs to prepare the ground for such amount of workers. In this respect, Apple submitted a report to Cupertino city officials in order to gain approval to build a new 3.4 million-square-foot campus.


The surface expansion plan submitted by Apple this week is a part of Steve Job’s strategy to transform the proposed campus to a spaceship. During his final public appearance with four months before he died, Apple’s former CEO offered some insights regarding this workforce and campus expansion.

At this time, Apple employs around 16,000 people in and around Cupertino, the company’s home for more than 37-year history. This number represents only one-fifth of Apple’s nearly 73,000 employees in the whole world.

On the other hand, investors are waiting to see whether Apple is planning to release a brand new product or is still upgrading its list of products. As a confirmation, Apple’s current CEO suggested that the company might be working on something revolutionary in television sets or wearable computing device. The last part was directly connected to the alleged Apple’s iWatch, the wrist-worn accessory.

Despite the fact that Apple’s shares have dropped with several percents, Apple still affords to treat its employees well. In this respect, the report estimated that Apple pays the 16,000 employees working at the Cupertino center a combined $2 billion in salary last year. This would represent an average salary of $125,000 per employee.

Employees outside the headquarters are not as well paid as those who work there. However, the report did not suggest anything related to the financial situation of the worldwide employees.

So far, Cupertino has been more than supportive with Apple’s plans for the new headquarters. However, as far as the new campus is concerned, city officials are seeking more information before taking a definitive decision regarding the project.

The 58,000 people city will receive $9.2 million in taxes from the Fruit Company during the current fiscal year ending in June, which accounts about 18 percent of the city’s general fund. Moreover, nearly 1,300 of Apple’s 16,000 headquarters workers live in Cupertino. With these income taxes and the high salaries for citizens, who can blame the city officials of being supportive in Apple’s plans?

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