Apple Testing 1.5” OLED Display for Wearable Smart Watch

The Cupertino-Based company is rumored to start smart watch production as time passes. Now, a pair of reports suggests that the company is testing 1.5 OLED displays for the wearable smart watch. In the same time, Foxconn appears to be contacted to build a trial batch of screens for the alleged smart device.

The well-known Japanese blog Macotakara discovered a publication that claims the fact that Apple is testing organic light emitting diode displays for its already-mentioned smart watch. Originally, the company planed to develop a 1.8-inch panel, but that was too big for a smart wristwatch. In addition, the company shifted to a smaller display screen and chose to develop a 1.5-inch display.

Apple Smart Watch

As rumors suggest, Apple is developing 1.5 OLED touch screens manufacturers by RiTdisplay of Taiwan that uses a one-glass solution touch sensors. Moreover, the new one-glass technology will allow the display component to be as thin as possible for the wearable device. The rumor also suggests that RITEK’s joint venture RitFast plans to supply the touch sensor technology for the watch.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the Fruit Company was interested in using OLED display for previous devices, but the company never used such technology for its line of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In what concerns the OLED screen, they could represent the best choice for wearable technology since they offer low power consumption levels.

As far as the second report is concerned, the Daily News claims that Foxconn, one of the most important Apple’s manufacturers, the company is already receiving orders for the next Apple’s iWatch. The first production process was supposed to produce no more than a thousand units. The company is known for running a small-scale trial production on previous orders.

Apple’s iWatch will change the way in which wearable technology is perceived by consumers. As a previous survey show, more than 19 percent of consumers are interested in buying such a device from Apple. This is far more than the announcement interest in both the iPad and Intel-Based Mac hardware.

Previous reports of Apple smart watch present an outgoing production process for the wearable device. Apparently, the company employs more than 100 persons in developing the project. However, the first report describing Apple’s smart watch presents an alliance between Apple and Intel, supposed to work together. Within another report, New York Times suggested that Apple was experimenting with curved glass smart watch designs.

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