Apple Starts Take-Back Program for iPhone Power-Adapters

After the Chinese woman’s electrocution and the other incidents related to counterfeit Apple products, Apple launches a take-back program for iPhone power-adapters in order to collect counterfeit power adapters.

As a response to all reports of the latest incident in China regarding the young women being electrocuted by a counterfeit power adapter plugged into her iPhone, Apple announced a new program that offers a notable discount in the power adapter replacements.

Apple’s USB power adapter take-back program will start on August 16 through October 18, and it will give by nearly 50% discount for a new purchase. Customers will have to bring all counterfeit adapters to an Apple retail store or any other authorized service provider for disposal.


During the program, Apple will sell iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch USB replacement adapter for $10, half of the regular price of $19. Along with the adapter for disposal, customers will have to bring their mobile device in order to receive discounted replacements. The iOS device is required for the serial number validation. The offer is limited to one adapter per iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch customers own.

In this respect, Apple did not offer any detail or argument related to the fatal incident in China linked to a counterfeit power adapter saying instead, “ Recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit and third party adapters may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues.”

In July, a 23-year-old Chinese woman died after touching here iPhone while it was charging. Several days later, reports said that a Chinese man has been hospitalized and he was in a coma after using a third-party power iPhone adapter. At that time, Apple offered an illustrated guide that advised Chinese customers how to identify genuine Apple chargers.

The Cupertino-based company hurried to offer a response through its take-back USB power adapter program. This was mostly because the company has faced multiple aversions in the Chinese region and their public relations have been shattered within the last few months.

Regarding the traded counterfeit power adapters, Apple stated that the company will properly recycle the units. It is worth mentioning the fact that the program is not meant for Chinese customers only. People all over the world who want to avoid further incidents with various counterfeit units are welcomed to visit an official Apple Retail Store or any other authorized service provider in order to purchase a discounted genuine Apple power adapter.

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