Apple Spent Less Than Samsung on 2012 Phone Ads

According to a new research recently released by the consulting firm Kantar Media, Apple ad spent less money on U.S prints, television, billboards and internet advertisements in 2012, being the second-biggest spender, after its rival, Samsung.

Data from the advertising research shows that the Apple budget went from $ 250 million to $ 333 million from 2011 to 2012 while Samsung boosted U.S ad spending by $ 323 million, over the same period.

Interesting to know is that, while the Apple and Samsung’s budget for advertising increased, HTC’s spending went down, from $ 124 million to $ 45 million, during the same period of time. Not only HTC was in contrast with Apple and Samsung, but also Blackberry and Nokia, which cut their budgets in 2012, as well.




The iPhone- still America’s most effective mobile phone brand

According to the advertising analytics firm Ace Metrix in January, despite the fact that Samsung  spent more money creating ads in order to promote its devices, especially Samsung Galaxy s II, the Apple devices came on the first place, making iPhone the most effective mobile phone in America.

It is obvious that, just as WSJ stated, Samsung is investing an incredible amount of money in advertising, spending especially on “below-the-line” marketing, like in-store advertising and promotion. This is proof for the fact that Samsung concentrates on keeping a leading place on the global smartphone market, where the company finds itself in a two horse race with Apple.

The battle between the two companies is expressed obviously through their ads and campaigns. The most influential and famous campaign ran by the Galaxy maker was probably “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”. Through this campaign, the iPhone users were constantly ribbed as unfortunate followers, being shown waiting in line for what was clearly meant to be Apple iPhone 5, although the product’s name was not mentioned; it was only called “precious jewel”, by the costumers. In addition to that, Samsung’s Super Bowl TV spot from February was also a “not-so-subtle” insult towards the iPhone maker, which accused Samsung of copying the look and feel of the iPhone.

As for this year, the Korean Company is expected to continue the immature attacks through frugal advertising blitz, against the Apple Company, due to the fact that they are as I previously stated, in a two horse race.

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