Apple Signed with Warner Music for iRadio Streaming Service

Apple has finally signed a deal with Warner Music Group during the weekend related to the recorded music and music publishing rights. After months of rumors, Apple is making great progresses in licensing content for the Internet radio service dubbed iRadio.

In the same time, some insiders suggest that the Fruit Company plans to release the alleged service at the WWDC. Apparently, Apple is working pretty hard to reach a deal with some of the world’s largest music labels – Warner, Sony and Universal – as soon as possible in order to prepare the service for the Worldwide Developer Conference.

Apple Advanced with iRadio Service

On September 2012, the first rumors regarding Apple’s internet-based music service called the iRadio stated to appear. Since then, Apple has encountered various problems in its way of developing the system since many music publishers demand high royalty rates and minimum payments. As rumors describe the situation, Apple’s decline to pay all those royalties payments to copyright holders has prevented the company in advancing with the release of iRadio.

Recently, the Cupertino-based company offered a hybrid payment system in which the royalties per track streamed and a share of iRadio’s advertising revenue will return to publishers. In the same time, the company offered a guaranteed minimum payment, with numbers still unknown.

As soon as the first rumors describing the iRadio service appeared, critics compared Apple’s internet streaming service with other popular internet radio services such as Pandora and Spotify. Much like the other two radio services, iRadio will be mainly ad supported. Compared to the previous mentioned services, Apple might as well offer a “premium” subscription meant to remove ads and to boost revenue.

What sounds even more exciting for all those users who enjoy having their favorite songs on their devices, the service is supposed to provide a possible tie-in with iTunes, which would offer users the possibility to purchase and download all tracks heard on iRadio. The alliance between iRadio and iTunes will definitely be extremely convenient for the Fruit Company.

When there are already so many internet-based streaming services where people can listen to online radio, Apple put its personal stamp a little bit too late. Apple’s rival, Google, already joined this category and the leading search engine recently released the “All Access” subscription service.

However, users will find out more regarding Apple’s iRadio streaming service during the Worldwide Developer Conference, which is scheduled to run from June 10 through 14 at Moscone West in San Francisco. Along with iRadio, Apple is supposed to present the well-awaited iOS 7, as well as two versions for Apple’s MacBook Pro.


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