Apple Releases Two New iPhone Ads for the iPhone

After releasing a couple of ads for iPad and iPad mini, focusing on the amazingly range of third-party tablet apps that the iPad has Apple has just delivered two new Ads, this time for the iPhone 5.

The main thought that comes in our mind when seeing the latest Apple ads is that they have the exact style as the recent ads for the 4th generation Apple iPad and the Apple iPad Mini. Those two ads, released in February, were called ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’, and both of them concentrate on people using their iPads to get things done. Apple keeps the same idea for the iPhone5 TV spots.


The Ads are fun, simple and easy to understand and remember. In both of them, there are read in a rapid manner, a number of words, carefully chosen, and one of them lingers. While these words are read, on the screen appear many apps that, obviously have a connection with the highlighted word. For example, in one of the ads, called “Brilliant”, the word “sweet” is accentuated, not only by saying it but also by matching it with a couple of interesting images, such as a baby, a delicious sugary dessert, two cartoon characters holding hands and an exciting skateboard maneuver from extracted from a video game.

This interesting wordplay is at the same time, enjoyable, attractive and hard to forget because of rhythm and images that come along.

From focusing on the hardware to targeting the App Store

The main idea of both of the ads, in which you see one word on the screen, and they interpret it for you in different ways, is to emphasize the fact that the Apple Store offers a wide variety of application for all kinds of people. There are available game apps, entertainment apps, utility apps and even education apps. So, the difference between the past commercials is that, now they don’t focus on the iPhone’s hardware but on the huge app library. Some of the titles that appear in “Discover” and “Brilliant” are Cleartune, Shazam, Infinity Blade II, Elements and the Hue lighting app, but the first party apps like Passbook and Maps, are also there.

The two new iPhone 5 TV spots have been recently posted to Apple website so you can check them out if interested. If you liked the early Apple Ads, you would definitely like these two as they are very fun, but they did not lose their classiness.

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