Apple Releases iTunes 11.0.4 with Minor Fixes

In November, Apple released iTunes 11, which represented a complete overhaul of the media playing and purchasing suite featuring tighter integration with its iCloud service. Apple iTunes 11 had features that pleased the company’s customer, such as new library views, a revamped miniature player, “Up Next” for queuing new songs in a playlist, and iCloud playback syncing of media.

A couple of months after this major update, in May, Apple released iTunes 11.0.3 with a couple of new features including enhancements to the MiniPlayer, an improved Songs View, and multi-disc albums. The new view for MiniPlayercan can be expanded in order to show an entire playlist (as pictured above).


After this minor iTunes update had become available last month, Apple today released an additional update of iTunes. The new version of iTunes, 11.0.4, comes with several minor but important updates for its media player and digital storefront. The new features that iTunes received promise to resolve issues related to syncing and purchasing content.

The update came because iTunes had a couple of issues. For example, when users switched between wired and wireless syncing for their iOS devices, iTunes would often crash. Not only that, but there was also a bug that required users to repeatedly login to their iTunes Store account.

According to the official release note, the new update of iTunes not only that fixes the problem that might cause iTunes to quit in case the user switches between wired and wireless syncing, but it also addresses the issue that required the user to log into the iTunes Store repeatedly.

In addition, the features of the last update are still listed as being new features on the release notes for version 11.0.4.  The reason they were written there might be that Apple would still like to remind its users of them.

The update has started rolling out now for both Windows and Mac. There are two possibilities of getting the iTunes update. Users can choose to fire up Software Update on their devices, or they can get the latest iTunes update by directly downloading it from Apple’s website for both Windows and Mac computers.

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