Apple Released a New iPhone TV Ad

A new iPhone TV ad appeared, on Thursday, emphasizing iPhone’s qualities of a music player, following iPhone 5 TV ad called “Photos Every Day” which was aired a month ago. It appears that the first one was the beginning of an advertising campaign, as the new one, named “Music Every Day,” seems to be similar.

Both ads are accompanied by a moving solo piano piece. However, “Photos Every Day” shows how people use their iPhones in order to take photos while the new ad shows how people enjoy music with their iPhones.

Although the commercial has only one minute, it manages to highlight the iPhone’s as being the most popular phone for listening to music on the go, the device’s role being pointed out through the images showing people listening to music while exercising, traveling, dancing, connecting, sharing, going to school, and studying.


Therefore, the commercial is simple, showing exactly what people do while listening to music with their iPhones, but this is what makes it so special as the watchers can find themselves in it. Everybody waves hands, exercises while listening to musing, takes a shower, taps their feet, sings along, dances at some point.

At the end, after iPhones and their white EarPods are shown in clubs, back pockets, hands, backpacks, and on bathroom tiles, a narrator says: “Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone.”, the commercial ending with the Apple logos being displayed. The ending of this new ad is similar to the last one as the “Photos Every Day” ad concludes also with a voiceover that says, “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

Different from other commercials, which are usually extremely loud, Apple’s latest ads seem to be standing out from crowd, being highly calm and relaxing. Apple appears to be expressing the nature of everyday life, and showing how the iPhone can be a part of that reality.

Apple took a different direction that previous iPhone commercials as it began to highlight not apps, but rather features of the device, making subtle ads without explosions or humorous juxtapositions as they are created for expressing the device’s sophistication.

In conclusion, Apple’s new ad has a very uncomplicated message: all kinds of people love using the iPhone for music, in all kinds of situations.

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