Apple Reckons Deeper iOS Integration for Yahoo Service

Apple’s Senior vice-president of internet services Eddy Cue and Yahoo!’s CEO Marissa Mayer were reportedly in talks regarding the integration of the Yahoo Service, as well as other existing features such as sport scores and weather information within the iOS.

Since Apple is already using data from the Yahoo service in what concerns the finance, weather and sports stats in order to help various first-party apps, the two parties involved are planning to expand their treaty and partnership. Another notable iOS feature that uses the Yahoo service data is Siri, the well-known personal assistant.

Yahoo and Apple partnership

One of the main reasons why Apple is considering a full Yahoo iOS integration within the next version of the operating system is to detract all Google integration within the iOS. After Google Maps was entirely removed from iOS in order to make room for a personal mapping system, Apple is planning to remove the Gmail feature for the last time from the iOS built-in system.

The iOS 6 release points out extremely clear the fact that Apple considers removing Google from first-party apps such as Gmail, Google Maps or the built-in YouTube app. However, Eddy Cue, the senior vice president for internet software and services admitted the fact that Google still remains the best engine to provide quality of search results.

As it was mentioned earlier, Apple already used data from Yahoo Finance service, the weather feature, sports stats, the search option within the mobile browsing system Safari and in the last part, one of the most valuable assists, the Stocks app. A full partnership between the Cupertino-based Company and the Internet Giant Yahoo will lead to deeper iOS integration in what concerns other arrangements. More Yahoo content from Yahoo news or other web properties will be integrated and loaded onto Apple Devices.

Since Yahoo is not involved in the Smartphone area; the company does not make mobile devices, does not own a mobile device operating system or a social network, the iOS Yahoo integration might represent the right move for the Internet giant. Mayer’s strategy is to collaborate with companies such as Apple, Google or Facebook.

At this moment, the Yahoo has more than 200 million monthly visitors to all its services including the mobile service, but Yahoo’s CEO plans to increase the usage and the number of visitors in order to increase revenue, which represents more than $5 billion a year.

The two companies already grew closer since Apple started to tap more data from Yahoo in order to fuel a Siri update. Now, Siri offers precise information and data by browsing Google and Yahoo. However, the talks are not clear-cut and perhaps, they will not lead to any deal at all. Apple and Yahoo avoid offering official comments in this respect.

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