Apple Quad-Core A7 Processor Ready for Production

A recent rumor suggests the fact that quad-core A7 processor for the next-generation devices is ready for production. The chip will be ready for production early the next month, and, during the summertime, the pilot production will begin.

As you know, three chip manufacturers fight in order to get autonomy over the Apple processor. However, one of these three suppliers and namely the TSMC already prepared test-products for approval, and the production will be likely to begin in the summer, the current year. Despite this short-term preparation, the chips will reach commercial production in the first quarter of 2014. They will be implemented in the next generation iPhones and iPads.A7 Phip Production Ready for TSMC

In what concerns the physical processor, the A7 chip will make use of the future 20-nanometer manufacturing process, which is not available until 2014. Actually, Apple is planning to use the same process on all its future products, which will make a huge difference in what concerns their new iPhones or iPads.

Until now, Samsung has been the only chip supplier for Apple, but as you know, the Fruit Company is trying to remove the Taiwan manufacturer away from its business once and for all.
However, since this process is not possible within a clap of hands, they begun by offering the A7-chip production to TSMC and Intel as well. As a matter of fact, Samsung gets 50 percent of the total A7-chip production; TSMC receives 40 percent while Intel deals with the last 10 percent.

In what concerns the events surrounding TSMC, the Taiwan Company tries to increase their financial possibilities in order to raise the 20 nanometers manufacturing process up to 28. The future TSMC 20 nanometer technology will be supposed to provide 30% increased speed, 1.9 times the density and with 25% less power than older technologies.

On the other hand, rumors concerning the cheaper device developed by Apple in the future in order to reach other marketplaces or the already-famous iPhone 5S already started to roam around the internet. Apparently, Apple is eager to find out what new features and options the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 will display. Based on these aspects, they will focus on bringing new improvements and amazing features within their future devices in order to make them reach the top of the smartphone market.

There are no official statements from Apple or from TSMC in what concerns the readiness of A7-chip for production for the incoming Apple products. However, as we are familiar with past rumors, they do have some truth beneath them.

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