Apple Plans to Expand the Number of Apple Stores in India

Considering the success that the iPhone has achieved in India a short while after it was first introduced, Apple decided that it is the time to triple the number of the Exclusive Apple Stores in India, which will reach up to 200 by 2015.

Apple Stores in India

The Fruit Company plans to expand its field of operation in India since in the past, Tim Cook official acknowledged the fact that the company encounters some problems when trying to be a part of the vast India marketplace. At that time, they considered that the way products were distributed throughout India was the main problem. In order to fix this issue, the Cupertino-based Company decided to expand the number of official Apple stores up to 200. In the same time, they plan to increase the number of big-box retailers that sell Apple devices all around India.

The information comes from three of Apple most notable franchises in India, which apparently have been asked to scale up their operations in the country. Apple has started a powerful advertising campaign throughout all India by offering iPhone devices on equated monthly installment, also known as the EMI scheme, which allows people to purchase an iPhone device much easily. In the same time, the same scheme was tried on the iPad, and it was proved to be successful.

The Indian Marketplace

As Apple admitted in the past, India represents the Promised Land for the Cupertino Company and not only. Samsung devices have also reached the virgin marketplace in India, and until know, it takes the first place in the smartphone area. However, as numbers show, only 9% of the Indian population owns a smartphone. This number clearly generates multiple strong reactions from Apple, Samsung or any other smartphone manufacturer.

At this time, there are more than 65 Apple stores all around India managed by various franchises. In the same time, Apple products are sold through many other multi-brand stores and outlets such as Croma or The Mobile Store. On the other hand, Samsung tried a different approach in introducing their smart devices line in India, and now they own 350 SamsungPlazas and other 500 exclusive smartphone stores.

With the new cheaper iPhone around the corner, which is assumed to appear somewhere in the last quarter of the year, or maybe sooner than we expect, the Apple label will reach a wider part of the Indian population.

However, in order to open its brand and iconic stores, the Indian government required Apple to obtain more than 30% parts of their devices from local manufacturers. Since Apple has not signed any contract with an Indian manufacturer in what concerns the production of certain parts, the Fruit Company has to stick to selling their products through multi-brand stores or other exclusive franchises.

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