Apple Plans To Create a Futuristic Device

In the last few years the functionality of portable electronic devices has increased exponentially, therefore, according to a patent filing published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, Apple is planning to create a stunning futuristic gadget, which can be applied to numerous other device formats.

The device that Apple is looking to develop is represented by a portable with the most screen real estate possible by using a foldable AMOLED display that appears to be “unrolled” into a conical transparent structure.

The invention focuses on the flexible wraparound display that could be fashioned in aluminum, aluminum and glass or a fully transparent design. Therefore, although it has various extraordinary characteristics, the wrap-around display appears to be the most intriguing feature of the device. It seems to be fitted into the transparent chassis by folding, inserting, and unfolding.

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In addition, this exclusive device appears to be loaded with cutting-edge technology like facial recognition and multiple flexible transparent displays layered, on top of each other, to mimic 3D screens.

The method of facial recognition through on-board cameras that track the user and determine their approximate field of view solves one problem that the device might have because the screen wraps entirely around it. Therefore, having a user detection system that can determine how a user is interacting with the unit, is utterly mandatory.

Apple’s patent shows a perspective view of a possible future iPhone design with a wraparound display which substantially increases the available display area that can be used for display of icons, data, images, video and such.

For example, up to five application icons can be presented across the span of the width of display 401. Microphones 402 and speaker 404 support the device to be used as a future iPhone.

Furthermore, this device may include multiple transparent displays that are overlaid on top of one another, cooperatively presenting content. For instance, the second display can simply present a different set of visuals than the first. Not only that can be possible; also, it should be mentioned that one display can show the same content as a second display, but slightly out of sync to give the illusion of 3D imagery.

It should be noted the fact that, as in the case of various modern portables, the display is a means of content consumption. However, this device also serves as the main user interface.

This patent application was originally filed under serial number 245646 in Q3 2011, the sole inventor, who is credited by Apple, being Scott Myers.

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