Apple Plans a New Samsung Trial After the $450.5 Million Compensation

The battle between the two giants of the tech world seems to have no end. Everybody knows that Apple and Samsung are long-term rivals, and their continuous battle does not end. When things appear to settle down, one of these two leading companies intends a trial against the other one. At this time, Apple plans to intend a new trial against Samsung after the $450.5 million compensation.

Apple vs. Samsung Trial

Now, Apple plans to intend a new trial covering exactly 14 Samsung products. After the previous lawsuit between Apple and Samsung who ended by granting Apple $1.05 billion damages, Apple received only the amount of $450.5 million. Judge Lucy Koh who considered the initial compensation to be a faulty understanding between the legal aspect and the patent issues involved reduced the amount of money. However, if one of these parts involved is not satisfied by this result, each one is free to appeal.

Apparently, through the latest lawsuit intended by Apple against Samsung in what concerns 14 of their products who infringe Apple patents. Therefore, the Fruit Company filed a motion demonstrate the fact that two Samsung products were delivered to the market while the trial was running. This would have violated the terms of the trial. If Apple is right in this matter and Samsung sold its Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T and the Infuse 4G during this time, the second compensation will significantly increase with a couple of millions. The initial compensation is expected to rise to $685 million damage award. $85 millions from this huge amount of money will come from the two already-mentioned Smartphone devices.

The Silicon-Based company filed another claim requesting the fact that in case of Samsung appeal for the previous trial, judge should take into consideration increasing the initial compensation first and then to start the new trial. As a response, Samsung requested the case to be put on hold, for them to have time to initiate the court appeal.

As it was expected, Apple defends its products through all possible ways, and this motion stands as a proof that the battle between Apple and Samsung will never end. During the time, the two worldwide Smartphone and tablet manufacturers were in a permanent tension. They faced many problems, and many are to come. One of the most impressive and high legal battle ended in Apple’s favor. In case you do not know, one of the most significant reasons why these two well known companies fight is the patent infringement position of some of their products.

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