Apple Patents Proximity-based System for iPhone to Mac Media Transfer

A new patent application filed by Apple to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office describes a portable media carrier that can ease the process of transferring files and documents to a computer, or any other recipient device with a display.

The system allows users to insert media from portable devices such as the iPhone in an email message, a document, photographic editing file or any other application on a desktop computer such as a Mac. This allows users to interact to their personal files and content stored within the iPhone and transfer it quickly to a computer. The portable device acts as a host device to the desktop computer. Transferring photos, documents, video, music and even handwriting drawings can be easily transferred from the portable device to the Mac.

Media Tranfer from iPhone to Mac

The system is pretty easy and effortless. It works automatically in order to ease the user’s job. It is completely automated so the portable device will immediately detect the second device and it will initiate the media transfer, as long as the user intends to do it. In what concerns the receiving unit or the receiver, in this case the Mac computer, it will receive the media transfer in an open document window, such as an email message.

In order to make things clear, let me show you how this easy yet effective system works. For example, if you need to insert something from your iPhone into your Word document on your Mac, instead of synchronizing the device or using the USB cable, all you have to do is to move the iPhone near the computer screen, and the image will be automatically inserted into the text body. In this way, you will save a lot of time and work.

In order to perform the transfer, the service needs the near field communication option, (NFC), Bluetooth, a camera or other sensor than can detect the proximity of the portable device towards the computer. Apparently, the system is able to determine the type of media files users want to insert, and where to place them. For now, media transfer is performed via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any other acceptable wireless protocol.

The user is also able to highlight manually the desired items which are about to be transferred on a computer. In the same time, by displaying the item on the screen will be more than enough.

However, for now, we do not know for sure if Apple is going to integrate the proximity-based system within its future iPhone or iOS, but the hardware already exists in the portable lineup of the company. The patent application was first intended in 2010 and it belongs to Douglas Weber, being its inventor.

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