Apple Patents Hybrid Fiber Optic Connectors for iOS Devices

A new patent application was discovered on Thursday, and it reveals the fact that Apple might try to develop a fiber option system for all iOS devices. The application also describes an advanced cable and docking system that offers a connection for all laser-equipped portable devices.

Initially, the hybrid optic connector patents were filled in 2010, and the application was preceded in 2012 under the leadership of Jason S. Sloey, Albert J. Golko, Eric S. Jol and Ian Spraggsas, as their inventors.

Hybrid Fiber Optic Connectors for iOS devices

The application is published in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and it can be found under the name of “Optical connection of devices” and a “Hybrid optical connector”. Apparently, through the hybrid fiber optic connector system, adapters and devices will be able to transfer electrical and optical signals through fiber optic cables.

As most of you already know, fiber cables were used mainly because it offers a faster speed for transmissions, in case of the internet or the television signal. What has a significant impact among manufacturers and users is the fact that the production costs are low. Through its patent, Apple is trying to connect the conductive electrical transfer with the fiber optic designs in revealing a compact and an advanced compatibility solution.

Within the patent, there are two different fiber optic cables which are able to create a connector with can host and transmit both electrical and optical signals in the same time. The invention was also described as being “electro-optical”.

In order to function, the hybrid fiber optic connector has to display an electro-optical connector located somewhere within its base. Actually, if we consider older similar devices, this is the classic place for a dock connector to be placed. The connector will have various optical components, which will transmit or receive data. Therefore, the system will display two different channels: one to transmit signals and the other one to receive signals.

As the application suggests, all incoming signals are converted into optical signals on-device. Once the device finishes converting electric signals received through the receiver channel, it can start sending other electric signals over the transmission channel. Along with the patent application, some pictures revealing the hybrid fiber optic connector stand as a proof that the invention will see the light of the day at one point.

However, as in the case of other Apple patents revealed in the past, it is not certain the fact that the Fruit Company will use the respective invention within its new line of products. Nevertheless, this alternative method of transferring data will substantially enhance the electric signal transfer.

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