Apple OS X 10.9 To Include Tabbed Browsing in Finder and iOS Multitasking

Rumors suggest that the new OS X 10.9 also called “Cabernet” will offer various power-user enhancements and will take notable features from the iOS. The new version will include tabbed browsing in Finder and iOS multitasking.

The new operating system includes major enhancements to the Finder feature such as tags and tabbed browsing modes. Since many pro-users download and install third part solutions and software to enable these features, the improvements will be more than notable. In the same time, OS X 10.9 will offers a new Safari web browser with a redesigned backend for improved page loading, increased speed and efficiency.

OS X 10.9 with multitasking feature

Another notable enhancement brought by the OS X 10.9 is related to the ability to keep a different “Space” of full-screen app open on a different monitor, in case of multiple monitor installs. The Mission Control feature for multiple-monitor setups will allow users to put full screen apps on external monitors, and to control the spaces independently. However, this is nothing new since the Apple Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi already mentioned it last year.

Nevertheless, during the last year, multiple reports and rumors of early builds of OS X 10.9 appeared. These rumors include Siri functionality within the OS version. For now, it is still unclear if Siri functionality will be a part of the operating system. In the same time, there is the possibility that Siri will be included in a next updated OS X 10.9 version as it was the case iPhone 4S, which followed the previous iPhone 4.

In case of OS, there is always room for improvement. For instance, OS X Mountain Lion added multiple app-based features from iOS such as Messages, Notes, Reminders, GameCenter and AirPlay. In what concerns the OS X 10.9, all these borrowings will be related to the system fundamentals.

According to various sources, Apple was testing a new multi-tasking system for OS X, which is pretty much the same as the quick app-switcher found on iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch. This particular multitasking feature will work only for applications in the background. In the same time, Apple is supposed to use the app-pausing technologies from iOS in order to pause background application processes in the new OS X. In this way, background applications will show increased performance while increasing the battery life on Apple’s Notebook computers.

Tim Cook already mentioned the fact that Q3 in 2013 will be a quarter full of surprises, and OS X 10.9 is definitely one of them. In the same time, Xcode 5.0 will be revealed later this year. Another notable change to be revealed in the third quarter is concerning Apple’s new version of its developer app suite. The platform will be redesigned, and it will offer enhanced application testing tools.

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