Apple Offering Affordable iPhone Plans in India

Apple is planning to offer various affordable plans for making its iPhone more convenient for Indian customers. Some of these offers include special discounts for trade-ins, installment plans, additional subsidies for students and 10 percent cash back for American Express credit card.

Students who plan to purchase an Apple Smartphone have the possibility to trade in their old Smartphone while upgrading to a new iPhone. They will get around 7,777 rupees, which mean around US $144. On the other hand, those young persons who are not students will receive only 7,000 rupees.

Apple iPhone 5 Installment plans

The Cupertino-based company plans to refund a maximum of 6,000 rupees to American Express customers who desire to purchase an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 before June 10. However, the American Express credit card must be issued by an Indian bank, and it must be used to purchase the handset on the recently introduced installment plans available via distributors Redington and Ingram Micro.

As far as the payment installments are concerned, a customer will receive 4,550 rupees when he purchases an iPhone 5 16 GB on six monthly installment of 2,374 rupees, plus 9,990 rupees as a down payment.

Canalys, the research firm, predicted that Apple would see a significant growth in what concerns the 2013 sales because of the recently launched installment plans. As a quire review for the previous year’s situation, in India there were around 2.5 million iPhones activated.

If this new selling scheme is taken into consideration, Apple might as well not end up selling a low-cost iPhone designed for poor marketplaces. On the other hand, Apple is planning to make its current devices more affordable, mostly in new Smartphone markets such as India, China or Brazil.

According to Apple’s CEO, India is a country offering a huge potential. Tim Cook suggested the fact that the Indian population is new in the Smartphone revolution, and the market is still open for Apple’s products. So far, there are 900 million mobile connections, and there are only 2.5 million iPhones in use.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced a low and no-interest payment plan for iPhone buyers in India, similar to what the company is offering in China. Concerning Apple’s situation in India, the big Cupertino-based company is facing tough competition from Samsung, ZTE and other Smartphone manufacturers.

As far as Apple’s competition is concerned, last month, Samsung launched a 15 percent cash back scheme in India in order to make its devices more affordable for its Indian customers. Following the footsteps of Apple, Samsung is planning to attract more customers while offering great deals.



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