Apple Needs New iPhone Customers and Global Carriers

As it is already known, Apple requires various demands that only few carriers in the world are able to fulfill. In this respect, the company’s products are forbidden in many parts of the world due to some communication difficulties.

Apple’s growth is directly linked in finding international carriers that are willing to sell iPhone to new Smartphone users, and which fulfill Apple’s demands. There are more than 2.8 billion customers Apple is missing because of its current carrier requirements. In this respect, Apple’s low-cost device will make an entrance in different marketplaces from all over the world. The cheaper handset will represent the piece of resistance for the giant Fruit Company in order to attract many individual customers.

Apple Carriers for China marketplace

A low-price device will represent the key for a partial solution regarding the lack of customers for the Cupertino Company. However, Apple’s problems is convincing mobile operators to buy the iPhone and then to find a solution to sell the handsets despite the outrageously expensive price of the latest iPhone device.

In what concerns the number of carriers selling the Apple’s famous iPhone, there is no good news. The number is shirking, and at this moment, only 240 carriers sell iPhone in various parts of the world. The company still needs an opening platform for most countries and the cheaper device might represent the key in marketplaces such as Brazil or China.

Many people are still eager to buy their first Smartphone in the next few years. In this respect, they need a carrier to provide them their favorite handset. Therefore, Apple needs to find a way in which company’s requirements are somehow fulfilled in the matter of carrier. On the other hand, carriers find it difficult to sell $600-$800 devices in various countries and marketplaces.

According to Horace Dediu, a market analyst at Asymco, Samsung Electronics Co., Apple biggest rival sells devices through almost all of the world’s 800 carriers. This is an impressive number compared to the Apple 240 carriers worldwide. The evident difference between the two companies is the fact that Samsung has a wide variety of cheaper products that can reach different marketplaces.

Analysts confess the fact that Apple has no reach on marketplaces where a cheaper smart device would have a better fit. They need cheaper devices, probably the cheaper iPhone which will be affordable even for carriers and not only for individual customers. China represents the biggest marketplace for Apple where the low-priced device would become a complete success.

China Mobile Ltd. and NTT DoCoMo Inc, two largest carriers have not agreed to carry the iPhone with the argument that the costs of subsidies needed to make the device affordable or other terms they find unacceptable. Therefore, iPhone was not welcomed in the eastern part of the world in an integral manner.

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