Apple Needs Better Communication Skills

It is a fact that Apple does not enjoy long talks or press statements. The Fruit Company is satisfied only by offering various conclusive and accurate ads and commercials. Users advise Apple to open wide to its customers to find out their needs and desires in order to improve their own products.

War or Words with Apple

Apple is losing the “war of words” against its major competitors such as Windows or Android devices mostly because of its lack of communication approach. For example, if we take the latest Apple ad, the “Why iPhone” campaign revealed by Apple a few days ago, we are able to note the fact that the main headline is a little bit too short for the purpose of the ad. The “There’s iPhone. Then there’s everything else” slogan might be interpreted to be a little bit too confident in Apple position on the market. If this strategy might have worked a few years ago when there was no other device to compete with Apple, now things have changed. Apple has many competitors in what concerns the Smartphone marketplace.

Media needs a story in order to offer a good headline. If Apple refuses to offer any conclusive and interesting topics, reporters will find different rumors, and they will stick to them as if they were real and it will transform them in well-debatable stories.

In the same time, the former Apple products division president Jean Louis Gassee argues that Apple tendency of using repetitive hyperbolic adjectives such as “great”, “incredible”, “extraordinary” or “strong” in their former press releases might denote the fact that the company is questioning its own credibility. In addition, such a repetitive speech might suggest a lack of personality and incertitude.

As Gassee suggested, Apple needs better communication skills, a new vocabulary which will allow them to communicate with each user in a casual manner, not only to reveal their future products in superlative adjectives. People need a personal touch from the Apple behalf. They need an open approach through all media channels such as blogs or social platforms perhaps.

If the Cupertino Company does not do anything in this respect and they continue to offer the silent treatment for their customers, other notable similar companies might find a good opportunity to reveal their personal story.

As you can notice in their exclusive and revolutionary products, Apple has the tendency of keeping all closed. The company does not reveal too much, and it does not offer others the possibility to interfere with their own products. In this matter, Apple needs to become open and to approach the public in a different manner, in a more successful manner because I am sure that many users will want to interact.

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