Apple iMaps Updated for Japan Support Without iOS 6.1.3

The highly debatable Apple Maps app was released in September along with the iOS 6. Since then, the service received many criticisms from users over the world complaining about multiple data errors and the absence of transit options. Japan was one of the most debatable locations where Apple Maps failed to offer accurate results. Now, the service received an update mostly designed for Japan, without being included in an iOS release.


Apple Maps in Japan


The new service was designed in order to replace the built-in Google Maps app. However, at the beginning, the Apple Maps app received powerful and sharp criticism especially from those users who were accustomed to the famous Google Maps service. In what concerns Japan, the country is known to be pretty hard to navigate through because most streets do not own personal names and houses are not properly numbered.

At the beginning of this year, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 6.1.1 for developer use, which was meant to offer some notable improvements to the Maps app for Japan area, in particular. Since then, Apple continued to offer minor bug fixes and enhancements in what concerns their service and the vast marketplace that is represented by Japan. However, the new iOS released and namely the iOS 6.1.2, did not contain anything substantial related to the mapping service.

Since this is a serious matter to be dealt with, Apple considered improving the Mapping Service without releasing an official iOS update. A high number of users from Japan noticed this improvement earlier today. As a mention, here are some of the most significant enhancements of the Apple Maps system that were revealed along with the two previous firmware updates.

Therefore, the new enhanced mapping system offered improved pronunciation of roads during the turn-by-turn navigation. This is pretty difficult especially when most streets are not named, or their names are quite difficult. The second improvement was related to some optimized directions for alternative highways near the roads. In the same time, the services offered some useful information such as upcoming paid roads. This is perfect for avoiding toll roads and saving some money. A wide variety of labels was added as well. If you travel through Japan and you want to use the Apple Maps service, you will be able to see indicators for transit station buildings, subways lines, traffic lights and even some 3D buildings such as Tokyo Station, JapanImperialPalace or TokyoTower.

However, things are not that easy as they sound because, at the time when Apple will release the iOS 6.1.3 update, users should be very careful whether they choose to upgrade to the new firmware or not. For those of you who rely on a jailbroken device, unfortunately, the new update will patch the exploits used by Evasion for the jailbreak process.

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