Apple Maintains the Lead in the Smart Connected Device Market

20100924iphone_ipadA New Smart Connected Device Tracker report was recently released by IDC (International Data Corporation), the well-known industry tracking firm. According to this report the global shipments of smart connected devices grew 29.1 percent year over a year in 2012. The same report exposed the fact that the complete market for smart connected devices is to be over one billion units shipped, with a value of $576.9 billion. Also in accordance with the results of the report, Apple was able to close the gap between it and Samsung.

It is well known the fact that Apple and Samsung are in a continuous battle for supremacy in this market, but it seems that Apple received support from the release of the extremely desired The iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Therefore, the launch of these two popular new products, was immensely helpful in bringing Apple to a 20.3 percent unit shipment share, although the rival company is still leading with 21.2 percent of device share.

However, this is not the only good news for Apple brought by the International Data Corporation report. As the industry tracking firm asserts, Apple continues to own the leading position in the tablet market. Additionally, the tablet segment is expected to overshadow not only desktop, but also notebook PCs over the next two years. Therefore, in 2013, tablets are the ones anticipated surpassing desktop PCs while the notebook PCs are predicted to be defeated by the tablets in shipments, in 2014.

As asserted in the final report presented by IDC, the worldwide smart connected device market is supposed to be reaching 2.2 billion units shipped, with revenues around $814.3 billion, by 2017. Regarding the places where this enormous increase will be observed, IDC affirms that, an important part of it, will occur in developing markets, one of them being India. It is well-known that, in countries like the one already mentioned, PCs are less common than they used to be, consumer expenses commencing with mobile phones and moving to tablets.

Consequently, Apple has acknowledged the fact that India represents a significant market, and began introducing payment plans, exactly as the company did in China, in order to make its devices more affordable to that market. In addition to this action, because currently, Apple sells through around 65 exclusive stores in India, the company’s purpose is to introduce more than 200 reseller locations in the world’s second-most populous country.

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