Apple Loses Ground in the Tablet Market | IDC 2013 Forecast

According to IDC, the research company, a new tablet market forecast will be revealed in 2013. Google powered devices will increase their number while Apple operating system running on smart tablets will slip down to 46 percent. Despite the fact that the difference is not that notable, when you take into consideration the actual numbers of units, you will see what this is all about.

Apple iPad Shipment in 2013

Therefore, according to the research company, Google tablets will reach up to 49 percent of the whole tablet market while the Apple iPad will drop its number to 46 percent compared to the last year, when level was above 50 percent. With the new iPad mini released last year in October, Apple considered covering a different market with its lower price. However, compared to other affordable tablets, the $329 iPad model is not exactly what users expected from a cheaper tabled revealed the Fruit Company.

In the same time, cheaper and affordable tablets such as Nexus or Machines started to take ground leave behind all those smart tablet giants. Sources suggest the fact that one in two tablets shipped is smaller with a display less than 8 inches, which leaves the original iPad pretty behind. When you think about 190.9 million shipments this year, the number of iPads delivered to Apple fans will substantially decrease. This number means an increase of 11 percent of the total number of shipments between 2013 and 2016.

Microsoft’ Windows 8 will also be offered along with more than 7.4 percent of tablets up to 2017. The number of all those incoming cheaper tablets will take a notable share from both the Android and iOS powered devices. Buyers consider these smaller and cheaper tablets more adequate for their daily consumption habits. Cheaper tablets offer affordability and utility in a single device.

As a bottom line, the iPad sales will significantly decrease during the current year with a notable percent in the worldwide tablet shipments. Consumers choose to spend less money on tablets, which offers more utility and accessibility. By 2017, these numbers will change as well. The forecast for Apple tablets shipping does not look pretty good. The iPad sales will drop down to 43.5 percent while the Android based tablets will decrease up to 46 percent. During this time, the incoming Windows based tablets will grow up to 7.9, which means an impressive rise for the Microsoft Company.

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