Apple Launches New iPod Touch for $229

On Wednesday, Apple released a new iPod touch model, which appear to be more of a modest variant of what’s already available, just as KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted when he affirmed that Apple would discontinue the fourth-generation iPod touch in favor of a stripped-down fifth-generation model.

The only place to find information about the new iPod until now is the Apple Online Store and according to it, almost all the features of the new iPod are similar to what have been seen before. Therefore, the dimensions are identical, the 4-inch Retina display is present, as well as the same dual-core A5 processor.

Although the new iPod Touch is remarkably similar to the old iPod Touch, there are a couple of differences that deserve to be mentioned. One very important discrepancy appears when talking about the price, the new cut-down iPod Touch being $70 cheaper at $229, different from the old one which was available for $299.


However although, the new iPod is more affordable, the price cut comes with the disappearance of the high-resolution rear-facing iSight camera. Therefore, although the front-facing FaceTime camera remains, a good camera is lost.

In addition, not only that as anticipated by Ming-Chi Kuo in January, the new touch is presently limited to a black-on-silver design, but it appears to be only offered with 16GB of storage, half of what the previous lowest-capacity fifth-generation iPod touch holds. However, just like the price, the storage might be considered a surprise, being bigger than Kuo’s prediction that Apple would introduce an 8 GB version of that device for $199

The new iPod comes with Apple’s new EarPod in-ear headphones and a Lightning to USB cable. As it was stated, the device is expected to have the same battery life as the fifth generation iPod touch has, buyers being able to enjoy 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video playback.

The new iPod touch has been introduced into the company’s online store quietly, without much fanfare. At this moment, it can be ordered from Apple’s online store, only in silver and black, and it is expected to be also available for pickup at an Apple Retail Store starting May 31.

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