Apple iTV to be Launched This Year with iRing Remote Control

While it is dealing with certain issues for releasing new products, the Fruit Company is also preparing a new iTV set which will display 60 inches on the diagonal accompanied by a small iRing remote control that fits the viewer’s needs.

The new product will be expected this year and it will come in a 50 and 55-inch versions, as well. Moreover, the new iTV will display two innovative concepts; the iRing remote control and the mini iTV.

Apple iTV with iRing remote

Therefore, the new TV set will come with some tablet-like “mini iTVs” which will display 9.7-inch screens, the same size as the current iPad. These small TVs will have the purpose to broadcast the same video which is displayed on the bigger TV screen. The two devices will communicate via wireless all around the house, precisely to a 200 meters range. However, the mini iTV will not act as a tablet. Its main purpose is to broadcast what the main iTV displays and that will be all.

On the other hand, the iRing acts mostly as a remote. You will be able to change channels, to increase or decrease the volume or to turn off your device. Its utility and accessibility comes from the fact that it is portable. You can wear it on your finger in order to have a quicker access. For those people who always forget where they have misplaced the remote control, this is a suitable solution.

Since we already mentioned the fact that Apple is planning to release multiple new products such as the cheaper iPhone, the iPhone 5S or the iWatch, it is worth mentioning the fact that future Apple iTV will represent an immense success if it will be released.

In what concerns the well-awaited smart watch, apparently, the new wrist device will be strongly connected to the iTV experience. Users will be able to interact to their TV while making use of the iWatch. The smart device will act as a remote for controlling the TV set.

There were many rumors in the past that confirmed the Apple TV release somewhere in the middle of 2013. However, so far, we already have the possibility to buy an Apple TV, but it is actually a small box, which connects to a TV in order to display movies and shows from the iTunes account. When the Apple iTV set will be revealed, the analysts will expect a price between $1,500 and $2,500, just like a decent MacBook Pro or even iMac. For those users who want to enjoy a different TV experience, the iTV will surely be the right answer.

Keep in mind that all these details are only some rumors, and we do not know anything for sure. Until further notice, all we have to do is to wait to see some official Apple news.

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