Apple Is Now Providing iMacs with Included VESA Mount Adapters for $40 Premium

In case your late 2012 iMac feels like hanging around, instead of sitting on a desk like an average computer, Apple online store now makes it possible, but you will need to pay an amount of money when you buy the new computer.

Apple first announced the redesigned iMac in October, but, at that time, thanks to the users’ feedback, they discovered that it could not be used with standard VESA mounts. Apple took the idea of adding the capability into consideration, without offering details regarding when a solution would be available.

Recently, Apple updated its online store, in order to present the introduction of a new configuration option for its 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs. In other words, Apple is offering its customers the possibility to choose a VESA mount adapter instead of the standard foot.


The option’s price is not higher than $ 40, and it allows all users to place their iMacs to vertical surfaces. It is necessary to know that this must be configured at the time of purchase.

The iMac with built-in VESA Mount Adapter does not include a stand. This means that a mount is unquestionably required, and it can be purchased when the iMac is configured, in case the users do not have one, already. The iMac with built-in VESA Mount Adapter Box includes, besides the iMac itself, an Apple Magic Mouse, a power cord and an Apple Wireless keyboard.

iMacs with Included VESA Mount Adapters- Taken Right to the Edge

Regarding the design and the performance of this iMac, it can be stated that it has been taken right to the edge as the product has an astonishing appearance, with an ultrathin design, completed by a beautiful widescreen display. In addition to that, users of this iMac will be able to enjoy the latest processors, as well as the extremely fast graphics, Thunderbolt I/O and the breakthrough storage options.

Apple did not choose to highly advertise the VESA models, yet; therefore, in order to be able to see them on Apple Online Store, customers should look for a link at the bottom of the iMac configuration tool. The link will take them to a webpage that is especially dedicated to the new versions.

At this moment, the configuration is available with shipping estimates from 7 to 10 days, at the price mentioned above, of $ 40.

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