Apple’s iPhone 5S to be Launched in August | Also New iPads Earlier Next Month [Report]

The technology world is upgrading day by day and people try to keep up with it. With rumors concerning Apple and Samsung product released, people expect to see the new iPhone 5S as soon as possible. Actually, as the rumors suggest, iPhone 5S is planned to reach the market somewhere in the middle of August. In the same time, a new generation of iPads will be released early next month.

iPhone 5S release date


Since Samsung in planning to release Galaxy S4 on March 15, Apple tries to keep up with its major competitor. In this respect, according to some rumors, iPhone 5S will be launched in the middle of August the current year while a new generation of iPads will see the light of the day early next month. I know that this news is a little bit too much for some people, especially for those of you who saved money for months in order to purchase the “new” iPhone 5.

However, if we think about all “S” devices released by Apple, we should not expect something extraordinary, something unseen before. The new iPhone device will probably have some minor changes at the level of features and specs. The most probably is that the new iPhone 5S will offer an enhanced CPU/GPU feature and meaning a new A7 chip while displaying a better camera, perhaps the 13-megapixel camera with dual LED-flash. In what will concern the physical part, I assume that there will be no major improvement or change. We had enough with the width and length of the iPhone 5. We are entitled to assume that Apple will not change the length of its devices with each device released on the market.

On the other hand, in the case of iPads, there is not that much to say. What we know is the fact that Apple will release a fifth generation 9.7-inch model and a second-generation 7.9-inch model of iPad mini. Apparently, both of these products will hold the high-resolution Retina display promoted by Apple within its previous devices. Moreover, the fifth-generation iPad will also adopt the thinner display assembly with a slimmer appearance and narrow side bezels of the already-famous iPad Mini.

However, until we see something official released by Apple, or until we get to see the products displayed in our Apple Store, we can assume many things concerning the new products planned to be released in the future.

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