Apple, Google and Samsung Becoming More Environmentally Friendly?

Attempting to continue a trend that appeared a while ago, across Silicon Valley, Apple seems to have another abiding inheritance besides trendsetting gadgets; therefore, it presented interest in becoming more eco-friendly.

Two years ago Jobs presented to the Cupertino City Council, plans for new headquarters shaped like a giant spaceship. As a response to Jobs presentation, other famous companies like Facebook, Google or Samsung Electronics became interested in creating new campuses. Although their plans appeared to be unique, all of them seem to have an eco-consciousness. This might be the most uncommon characteristic of the new West Coast aesthetic.

The company CEO, Tim Cook presented a couple of ideas about the plans they have for the future “spaceship”, through a speech he held at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. He stated that the company aims to demolish all the buildings that are occupying the grounds at this time. He asserted that the at the end of the program, the site will be 20 percent covered in asphalt and concrete, instead of 20 per cent as it is in the present. The existing bitumen will be replaced with greenery, with an emphasis on dryness-resistant innate species.



In has also been declared that Apple aspire to install enough solar panels and fuel cells, in order to make its new Norman Foster-designed headquarters in Cupertino, entirely energy-independent. In addition, on its property, Apple plans to plant a significant number of trees such as from indigenous oaks and eucalyptus to apricots, pears, and of course, apples.


Google, Facebook, Nvidia, and Samsung Are Also Going Green


As stated above, Google, Facebook, Nvidia, and Samsung have also made widely known their intention of creating colossal new campuses, and each appears to follow Apple eco-friendly goal.

As regards to campus Facebook is planning to create, they say it will include full-grown trees on the top of many of its buildings.

Regarding the buildings on Google’s campus there are rumors that they will have cultivated green building coverings, cutting down on heating and cooling expenses. There are also comments concerning the fact that the building may contain a water recycling system.

There have been discussion with reference to the costs involved by the action of going green. If Apple will plant 6,000 trees on its 176-acre property, involving a 108-tree forested courtyard and transferring full-grown specimens as the CEO stated, the company might spend from $60,000 to $100,000 per tree. The high costs do not come as a surprise as it is well-known the fact that becoming environmentally friendly is not an inexpensive action.



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