Apple, Google and IBM, World’s Most Valuable Brands

Apple is still by far the world’s most valuable brand name in the world, along with Google and IBM. These three companies represent the top tech giants that worth more than $400 billion.

The power of Apple’s products has transformed the Cupertino-based company into the most valuable brand in the world, surpassing other notable tech giants like Google and Microsoft, but also other giants of industry like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

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According to a survey performed by the Market Week, Apple overcame continual reports of slipping demands for its products to land again on the top spot, ranking of the world’s most valuable corporate brands. The survey also revealed the fact that Apple has a value of $185.1 billion, more than 60 percent higher than the second place brand, Google.

In the past, Apple has been a part of the most valuable brands ranking both in 2012 and 2012. The company’s brand value has increased with only one percent from 2012, but the amount of money that it separating the Fruit Company from the second place Google has reached the amount of $71.4 billion revenue.

In what concerns the second place, the search engine company reached a value of $113.7 billion revenue. On the other hand, IBM, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola reached out the top five. In what concerns the rest of the top ten brands, Microsoft, AT&T and China Mobile has managed to take some leading positions.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the financial analysts and instructional buyers have managed to move Apple stock down with hundreds of billions of dollars over the last half year, and they have not taken the value of the Fruit Company’s stock into account.

Despite the fact that the worldwide marketplace is a competitive place and while many other older brands are managing to succeed, Apple’s ability to maintain its first position shows the value of the company to have a strong name.

However, as analyst point out, Apple should be careful despite the fact that the Cupertino-based company still gets the first place. The one percent increase from the last year’s situation does not mean that much. As far as Samsung is concerned, Apple’s rival met a massive 51 percent growth and it numbered 30 in the global rankings at $21 billion.

Samsung managed to experience this huge increase in brand value by offering a period of innovation with growing market share. More precisely, the company spends more than $1.6 billion only on advertising in the last year.

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