Apple Gets 74% of Mobile App Revenue Downloads in Q1

When it comes to app revenue download, Apple is still leading the race. At the end of Q1, Apple still dominates the mobile app market with almost 75% of app revenue download while Google, its main competitor barely reached 20%.

According to a recent report from Canalys, Apple dominates the mobile app revenue in the first quarter of 2013 with exactly 74% of mobile app revenue from downloads while Google is taking the second place with 20 percent. The other competitors such as Microsoft or BlackBerry have only a single digit percent, which leaves them behind. The discrepancy of app numbers only shows the fact that app developers are choosing a bigger market such as iOS or Android in order to launch their products. Smaller markets such as Microsoft or BlackBerry do not have a chance in the battle of the giants.

Apple Q1 app mobile revenues

These numbers represent for Apple an 11 percent growth compared to the last quarter of 2012 in terms of download volumes. In what concerns the number of sales, the Fruit Company recorded a growth of 9 percent. However, in terms of the biggest market, the U.S. area, more precisely the North America gathered more than 8 percent app store revenues and 6 percent downloads while the Western Europe, the second biggest market brought 8 percent of the total app revenues and 10 percent downloads.

In what concerns the download rates, Google Play Store took about 51 percent of the total app downloads while Apple is a little bit behind with 40 percent of all downloads. The increased app revenue percent gathered by Apple in the first quarter does not explain the increased download rate developed by Google users.

The Smartphone field gathers followers in three other significant markets as well. Therefore, Indonesia, Brazil and South Africa, show increased download rates, but this does not mean particularly app revenues. However, for the total app revenues and download rates, the current situation of Q1 is highly above the one in the last quarter of 2012. Revenues from all four stores increased with 11 percent between December and March and it brought to their developers more than 13.4 billion purchases.

As the numbers point out, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store represent the most prominent app platforms in the app store world. The two app stores together bring a total of 90 percent app revenue and download rates while remaining distant from their challengers. However, the situation might easily change, and next year, Microsoft and Blackberry might gain a place in the front row.

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