Apple Fined with $118K for E-book Copyright Violations in China

A Chinese court fined Apple for $118K in the case of the e-book copyright violations. The Court ruled that Apple should compensate the writers with the amount of $118,000 for the copyright issue.

Apparently, Apple has been sued by Chinese writer Mai Jia for using and distributing personal works without asking for proper permission. In this way, Apple violated the copyrights of each work. In fact, Apple used the works of three distinct Chinese writers without asking for permission.

Chinese Lawsuit against Appled

All books were uploaded by a third party store and sold without the proceeds from authors or their publishers. Judged Feng Gang of Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court decided this week that Apple is guilty in the copyright violation matter, and the Cupertino based company needs to pay compensation. Despite the fact that Apple is not a direct responsible for all books uploaded, the judge decided the fact that the Fruit Company needs to follow the files uploaded to its store in order to avoid any other violation.

According to Feng, Apple should know that the uploaded books to its online store violated the writer’s copyright. In the same time, the judge suggested the fact that all “technology companies should take note of the decision in Apple’s case and adjust their verification systems in order to avoid similar fines”.

This problem occurs mostly for larger content sellers, which are targeted in lawsuits. The respective companies are advised to hire specialized personnel in order to check each content that is uploaded within their platforms. Therefore, after the copyright violation issues, Apple was fined only with $118,000 which might seem a figure too small for such a problem.

However, this is not the first time Apple encounters issues in China. Recently, Apple was blamed for offering pornographic content within its App Store. Many other small companies intend lawsuits against Apple concerning various patent infringements or other problems.

Last year, Apple paid $165,000 to a group of eight writers that appealed to the Written Works Copyright Society. Apple was accused back then of offering pirated copies of their works since July 2011. The respective amount of money was pretty small compared to what the writers initially asked. On a different occasion, Apple lost an $84,000 case when it was accused of copyright infringement due to a number of apps in its Chinese store that contained pirated version of a local well-know encyclopedia.

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