Apple Expected to Host iPad Event on October 15th

After the last week announcement of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, various reports suggest the fact that the next-generation of iPad is expected to see the light of the day in the middle of October.

However, despite the fact that the Cupertino-based company did not offer any details regarding the future event as it happened in previous product releases, analysts predict that Apple will release the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2 in October. In the same time, the Fruit Company is expected to show a new line of products such as Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks, and a Haswell-enabled Mac Book Pro with Retina Display.

Apple's new iPad to be released on October 15

As it is expected, this is not something sure and clear. However, if we keep in mind Apple’s pattern, last year, the tech giant has released the iPhone 5 in September, and it was followed by an iPad release in October. At that time, the iPad 4, iPad mini and revamped iMac were unveiled.

The fifth-gen iPad or the iPad 5 as it will be called is expected to take a similar form factor from the iPad mini, with thinner bezels and a svelte body. The processor should be upgraded as usual, and a better camera will be added. In what concerns the Touch ID, nothing is reported so far.

The smaller iPad, perhaps the iPad mini 2 will compete directly with the e-commerce Company Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. Both of these two devices have 7-inch screen, and they cost only $199.

In the same time, the smaller iPad could become a risk for Apple’s industry-leading margins since neither Amazon nor Google has been known to ask a high price for a small tablet. The mini version can represent a departure for the company that now has only the 9.7-inch iPad, which comes with various storage options, and it starts at $499.

In what concerns the Intel’s Haswell processor, the product has brought “significant energy-saving benefits” to the MacBook Air range, and the MacBook Pro with Retina display. During time, the notebook built for the power users has seen multiple upgrades, but with nothing changed in more than a year, the Haswell chip will certainly make a difference.

As it has happened in the case of the alleged iPhone 5S or the cheaper iPhone 5c, the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2 will be well-debated until users will see something for sure. So far, keep in touch with the latest news and find out everything related to the October 15 event.

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