Apple Enhances Customer Security for Online Digital Purchases

Recently, Apple has enhanced the online digital purchases for its customer security by adding an extra password in order to protect the Apple ID, as well as the iCloud account.

Since many more people start to use the online possibility to purchase things, especially digital goods, Apple considered the security enhancement to be a necessary thing. Users purchase digital files from iTunes or Amazon, and they store them in special storage platforms such as iCloud, Google Drive or DropBox. In this respect, all great companies in the world are forced to increase protection for personal information of their customers.

Two-step verification for Apple

If until now you had to enter your Apple ID and password for accessing your Apple account, now, Apple has enhanced its system by adding an extra password generated by an app.

Two-factor verification system for increased security

The two-step verification process developed by the Fruit Company, it is meant to ensure the data protection of customers around the world. Now, users have to go to the official Apple website in order to login into their Apple account. Here, they can set the new password as well.

The new system requires an additional password, which will be randomly generated and encrypted by an algorithm. This will make hackers’ job more difficult since it is harder to break two passwords at once. Each time users will login to their Apple accounts they will be prompted to enter a four-digit code sent through a text message or a regular notification. In case you lose your device, you will receive a fallback password also called a recovery key in order to access the Apple account.

The two-step verification system developed by Apple is nothing new. In the past, Google also developed a sign-in advanced security system in order to protect their users from hacking attacks. This is benefic for users as well for the company.

Some time ago, Apple encountered a hacking intrusion, along with Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, by some hackers who accessed all employees’ computers using a vulnerability offered by the Java web-browsing software. At that time, none of these major companies reported any information stolen and something else in this respect. However, then needed to increase security around email addresses or social media accounts in order to prevent other further hacking attacks.

While Apple decided to adopt this two-step verification system for login, other companies such as Google, Facebook, PayPal, eBay or Yahoo already offer this similar system to their customers. Because of the fact that these services do not require any tax for registration, nobody knows exactly how many people use them. In this respect, it is pretty difficult to maintain a secure and clean working environment.

A similar hack attack occurred last year within Zappos, an online retailer, who suffered a terrible loss when the personal details of all its 24 million users reached the hands of hackers.

If you think about the 500 million users registered in the iTunes service and the App Store, with more than a half of billion of credit card details, this two-step verification system is more than welcomed. Despite the fact that some of you might consider it a waste of time, the two factor authentication system, will provide the security you need in order to perform your online shopping in a safe mode.

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