Apple Earnings Fall while iPhone and iPad Sales Remain Strong

Apple profits dropped with more than 18 percent for the first time in a decade. In the same time, according to statistics, iPhone and iPad sales remain strong for the big Cupertino Company.

Apple has definitely surprised many people, especially those from Wall Street when declaring stronger than expected earnings in the second quarter. According to Wall Street, Apple was supposed to declare only $42.3 billion in sales. Nevertheless, the Fruit Company reported earning of $9.5 billion on sales above the estimated $42.3 billion limit.

Apple Earnings Fall

Compared with the $39.2 billion sales on the last year, in the same quarter, Apple earned more than $11.6 billion profit. This fact is because iPhone and iPad sales were with 88 percent and 151 percent better than the year before. As the numbers suggest, the two handsets still catch the public attention and people are willing to spend their money on relatively old smart devices.

Apple’ CEO, Tim Cook stated the fact “We are pleased to report record March quarter revenue thanks to the continued strong performance of iPhone and iPad.” According to the CEO, Apple team is working hard in order to develop some new amazing hardware, software and services. They are confident about their own product line, but in the same time, they acknowledge the fact that only a completely new different handset will be able to compete with the actual products on the market.

Despite the good results iPhone and iPad devices present, Apple shows a profit decline for the first time in a decade. Comparing the actual situation with the last year, Apple showed an 18 percent decline from the past year quarter. Last time when the Cupertino-based company showed such a decline was around 2003, when they suffered a restructuring change and an economic downturn.

Apple confessed the fact that the company sold 37.4 million iPhone devices, with more than 3 million devices above the Wall Street limit. In the same time, iPad sales surpass the expected amount of sales with over 1.5 million iPads sold. These numbers confirm the fact that iPhone and iPad remain the most popular Apple devices.

During the last quarter, Apple sold only 5.6 million iPods and only 4 million Macs, a little bit above the 3.9 million devices limit. For the next period, the second quarter, Apple is planning to gather a profit of $33.5 billions in sales, which is pretty much the same as the previous quarter. In the same time, Apple shares jumped to $21.09 meaning 5.19 percent, but now they decreased to $1.15, which means 0.28 percent down.

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