Apple Demands Developers to Localize Apps and Opens Chinese Support Forum

In order to settle things down in the eastern part of the world, Apple launched a new Chinese language version for its Support Communities forum. In the same time, the Fruit Company demanded developers to localize their apps.

In what concerns the movement with the Chinese support forum, after long battles with the Chinese government and local companies, Apple is trying to bring peace by releasing a local support forum for all its Chinese users.

Chinese Community Support Forum for Apple

The iBookstore and App Store services sent an official email to all app creators by requesting them to localize their apps, as well as pointing out all advantages of app and marketing localization. In this respect, the company initiated the localization movement by releasing the Chinese language support Communities.

Within the official iTunes letter, Apple highlighted the fact that Mac App Store and the App Store are available in more than 155 counties, and they offer support for more than 40 languages. According to Gregg, AppleInsider reader, the email was sent on Wednesday, a day after the towering Cupertino Company released the Chinese support. With the help of the Chinese forum for communities, Apple allows native-Chinese speakers to help each other by asking questions and raising problems using their native language.

Until Chinese users will understand the benefits of using such service, the Chinese forum is still empty, naturally, as any other newly released service; it takes some time until members gather to express their problems. However, this is only a matter of time before new users will sign up to visit the Community forum.

The release of the Chinese language forum might represent a strategic move from Apple especially because, until recently, the company was the target of many Chinese companies’ attacks. Just a few weeks ago, Apple was blamed of offering different warranty policies in China, compared to the rest of the world where the Fruit Company is displaying its line of products. At that time, Apple’s CEO offered an apology letter suggesting the fact that the warranty policies will change, and China will no longer be aggrieved.

Since Chine still represents a significant market place for Apple, the Cupertino-based Company is trying to find new ways of entering this enormous world with millions of potential buyers. So far, Apple is working with two Chinese wireless telecoms, but so far, the company did not reach any official agreement with the world’s largest carrier China Mobile. The rumored low-cost iPhone will aim to reach all developing markers such as the big marketplace of China.

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