Apple Cuts iPad Mini Orders as Next-Gen iPad Mini Is Produced

Rumors suggested the fact that Apple’s next generation iPad mini will be launched in the third or fourth quarter of calendar 2013. In order to sustain these rumors, Apple’s CEO announced that the Fruit Company is preparing big things until this fall.

Now, the company is reportedly cutting its iPad mini display orders near to half as it encountered a decrease in demand for the tablet. This rumor is sustained by AU Optronics, the company that supplies panels for Apple’s iPad mini. The company reported the fact that it will only ship 2.5 million to 2.8 million units to manufacturers in the second quarter, down from 4 million units shipped in the first quarter.

Apple Cuts iPad mini orders

Apparently, Apple is cutting down orders in anticipation of a slowdown in iPad mini shipments for the rest of the second quarter. This decline is due to a general lack of interest among consumers to buy new devices during the summer period. However, despite this sudden decline revealed by AU Optronics, Apple will still be shipping around 10 million units as the rest of 7 million panels will be supplied by another display manufacturer.

Another notable reason why Apple decided to cut iPad Mini panel orders from AU Optronics might be represented by the fact that the company is planning to reveal a next generation of the mini iPad somewhere during the third quarter.

Three different display suppliers are preparing for production of Apple’s next generation of iPad mini later this year. So far, LG Display and Sharp confessed the fact that they are already selected to provide displays for the Fruit Company. On the other hand, AU Optronics is hoping to reach the third position.

It is worth mentioning the fact that reports suggest that AU Optronics is not expected to remain a major iPad mini panel supplier. However, the company is said to have submitted panels for use in the next generation iPad mini for certification by Apple. So far, the company has faced various issues in producing iPad mini panels, which might become an important reason for Apple to cut display panel orders for AU Optronics.

The company must wait for Apple’s approval, despite the fact that Sharp and LG Electronics already revealed their participation for the next generation of device. In what concerns one of Apple’s most important display suppliers, Sharp is now focusing more on their cooperating with Samsung, which will make LG Apple’s main supplier for new iPad mini panels.

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