Apple Celebrates Ten Years of iTunes Store

With the celebration of a decade of iTunes Service, Apple revealed a new feature on its famous iTunes Store. For this occasion, the Cupertino Company offered customers a history lesson for the most preeminent digital download platform.

Through this method, Apple plans to offers to its customers a way to see how iTunes, the download platform, has evolved over the last ten years. The new interactive timeline plans to show the way in which iTunes Music Store was launched back on April 28, 2003. At that time, the music platform was released containing more than 200,000 songs. In the same time, the third-generation iPod was unveiled.

A Decade of iTunes

In the launch day, the most popular downloaded song was “Stuck in a Moment” by U2 and the top-selling album was “Sea Change” by Beck. At that time, more than a million songs prices at 99 cents apiece were downloaded within the first week.

With the help of the interactive timeline, users will be able to browse throughout each year of iTunes existence, and see the top-selling album, as well as numerous milestones. These milestones reveal purchased songs, launching locations for iTunes Store and other notable product launches such as new iPod devices. As a mention, the most recent milestone is related to the new worldwide record for album sales within the first week achieved by Justin Timberlake with “the 20/20 Experience” album.

The iTunes Service was originally designed as music only, but now, video content has become an important component in the Apple Store. Besides music and video files, iTunes also offers applications, e-books or digital publication subscriptions.

While this Sunday will mark 10 years to the date the iTunes was opened, the company recently announced its quarterly earnings concerning the platform. Therefore, the iTunes Store has a record quarter with $4 billion in revenues only in the first quarter of 2013.

With its music platform, Apple changes the way in which people listen online music and offered them the possibility to listen quality and valuable music on the iPod and then on iPhone. It was Jobs’ way to prevent music piracy of any kind. However, now, when there are so many other streaming services such as Rdio, Spotify or Pandora, it is hard to prevent people from downloading music copies.

As a bottom line, through the iTunes store and its products, Apple has changed the way in which users listen to music or watch a video. The iTunes Store marks a decade of stunning music and technological evolution while adding something new with each milestone. However, the music platform needs to reinvent itself as time passes, in order to compete with the already-mentioned subscription services.

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