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Here at iFlowReader we have only one goal and that is to become the #1 Apple news blog. We cover the latest news, rumors, guides and any kind of tricks and tricks that could help you benefit more from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. Our professional team of writers is focused to deliver only quality and fresh Apple news for our users.

Also we have a contact page where you can send us tips, advertisements requirements or any other inquiries that you might have.

We are trying to deliver the best user experience and to make iFlowReader the home for every Apple tech geek consumer.

Meet our Team !

Andrei Alexandru

pozaMy name is Andrei Alexandru and I am editor-in-chief here at iFlowReader. My job is to make sure that all the writers do their work great and also to assure the best user experience for our readers. I will do my best in delivering the best news material and keep you informed with the latest Apple news and rumors. I am also a tech geek just like you guys, I am an Apple fan since 2007 when iPhone 1st generation was released. I also own a MacBook Air, Airport and iPad. What can I say, I really love Apple iDevices.

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Andreea Serban

315766_433000726767835_1320361345_nMy name is Andreea, and I am a 23-year-old living in Brasov. I started writing for iFlowReader in 2011 and ever since then I am writing on a daily basis, providing users with useful information, news and more. The technology field was not always my thing, but since I discovered what iPhone, iPad and iPod mean, I must confess I’ve became addicted to my gadgets. At iFlowReader you will find out exactly what you are looking for since I am trying to keep up with what happens to Apple and its products.

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Daniel T. Oyler

938_476346939065931_2029389903_n - CopyI am 27 years old and just like any other youngster these days, I am a technology geek. I’ve always been addicted to my iPhone, and now I have the opportunity to keep in touch with the latest news, features and changes. I am writing about technology for more than 3 years, and now, I focus mostly on iDevices and jailbreaking. I hope you will follow my posts since I mostly write Apple-related news or other useful details.

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Ana Ionita

CaptureI am extremely passionate about technology, and I enjoy being up to date regarding anything that is new, especially when it comes to the Apple products. I am addicted to my iPhone, and I like to believe that I know more than most people about the most recent apps and features, but I am also interested in the other Apple gadgets. As the only thing I take pleasure in doing more than reading tech news is writing about the latest discoveries in this field, I plan to share all the information I have with people who have identical interests.

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Robert B. Mullin

63503_514840843315_962118006_nI am a 27 years old man who has two main hobbies: cars and Apple inventions. I believe I am Steve Job’s biggest fan as he was a visionary who made it possible for many people to enjoy a variety of smart devices. I am interested in all products offered by Apple as everything has something amazing that can be fun and useful, at the same time. Therefore, I am always up to date with what happens with the company and products, and I am planning to keep all iFlowreader’s visitors as informed as I am.

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