A Second Chance for Developers to Get WWDC 2013 Tickets

After all tickets for the well-awaited WWDC 2013 were sold out in a matter of minutes, many registered developers were unable to get a WWDC pass for the upcoming event. Now, Apple offers a second change for developers to purchase WWDC 2013 tickets.

WWDC 2013 tickets sold out

Worldwide developer conference is a five-day long event help in Moscone, San Francisco. The event gathers some of the most notable developers, which can take part to various lessons, sessions and seminars. This year, the event will take place from June 10 and June 14. Within this event, Apple will present the latest improvements and features for new iOS and OS X versions, as well as detailed guidance through over 100 sessions led by more than 1000 Apple engineers.

Last year, the tickets were sold in less than 2 hours while the 5000 tickets offered for the 2013 event were sold in less than two minutes. Since the tickets vanished in so less time, Apple tries to select developers who could not purchase tickets in time, and offer them another chance to purchase tickets for the Worldwide Developer Conference held by the big Cupertino-based company.

According to a developer, Apple Support team contacted him the other day, telling that the purchase process did not go through. In this case, the Apple employee told him that a ticket has been reserved, and he soon will receive a mail from Developer Support with all instructions on how to purchase the respective ticket. Apparently, this happened to many other developers. For now, it is unclear how many other developers were contacted by Apple.

The ticket purchase system was quite debatable by many developers. They suggested the fact that Apple should change the way in which they offer the number of tickets available. Instead, a lottery system will generate random results while offering users the possibility to confirm the purchase. In case many tickets remain unconfirmed, the lottery will system will pick other developers.

According to various developers, access to WWDC provides numerous advantages for developers, full access to Apple’s engineers both in networking capacity and in dedicated labs for various technologies. In the same time, developers will get to know the latest changes and products.

For those who are interested in watching the developer conference, there is the possibility to watch it online. Apple will assure a video recording with the whole event presenting all sessions and lessons for registered developers who were not able to reach the event.

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