An $11,000 Golden Case for Your iPhone 5? Really?

All iPhone accessories are meant to ease our lives and to help our devices in a way or another. In the same time, their utility is combined with aesthetics and the result is more that welcomed for most users. In this case, I want to present you the $11,000 iPhone 5 case, which is meant to enrich and to beautify your device in the best way possible.

$11,000 case for iPhone

I am sure that you all wonder if there are people who would spend a small fortune on buying such a case for their devices. As a matter of fact, you would be amazed to see how many people are willing to spend so much money on making their iPhones look ravishing and astonishing. The new Haven iPhone 5 case from Brikk starts out at $11,610 and it reaches up to $14,235. However, the price depends on the model you choose to buy. In case you want to know, the manufacturer is a well-known designer of couture products and accessories for iDevices and more.

If you decide to buy such as case, I am sure that you want to know more about it. First, the case comes in 4 different models. Therefore, you are able to choose from Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold Satin and Platinum. In the case of the platinum model, the case weights up to 100 g metal while the Gold one features only 75 g of gold. In the same time, there are two more alternatives you can choose from. Therefore, there is also the Grey Stealth model and the Black Carbon model, as well. For those of you who want more than a golden iPhone case, the designer offers you the possibility to embed diamonds for personal customization.

As a physical part, the frame of the case is made out of titanium with a single slice of material, gold, platinum or carbon, depending of each case. For protection, the case contains a silicone gasket system, which absorbs shocks. This is for the utility part of the $11,000 iPhone case.

As a last mention, a part of the money that comes from selling these products goes to charity. Therefore, you get to have an opulent yet amazing iPhone case for your device, but, in the same time, you get the comfort of helping the needy ones. Take advantage of such a bargain right now and buy your own $11,000 golden case for your $199 or $299 iPhone 5.

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