5 Useful Tips for New iPhone Users

All Apple products remain a mystery for most people. Their wide range of features and options place them among some of the most complex devices ever created. In this respect, it is difficult for somecusers to discover and employ all of these features and their immense possibilities.

In this respect, if you own a new iPhone, meaning the iPhone 5c or the iPhone 5S, then you must read the following lines. Within this article, I want to show you some great features that Apple has implemented within their brand new line of smartphones. Perhaps some of them are not unknown for you, but it will not harm to take a look at the top 5 useful tips and features for the new iPhone.

Enable or Disable Passcode Lock

1. Passcode Lock/ Touch ID

The Passcode lock and the Touch ID might be regarded as the most attractive yet amazing features offered by the new iPhone. These features are essential if you own an Apple flagship, and you want to keep it safe. In case you lose it, or if it is stolen, the Passcode lock will protect your data from curious eyes. In the case of the Passcode Lock, you can manage this feature if you head over to Settings, in the General section where you choose Touch ID & Passcode (in the case of iPhone 5S) or Passcode Lock (in the case of other iPhone models). Here, you can enable, disable or change the passcode as you please.

As far as the Touch ID is concerned, at the same location, you can add fingerprint profiles, up to five different users and fingerprints. This feature is suitable for those users who trust other users in managing their personal devices.

2. Delete an App

Along with the introduction of the iPhone 5S and the improved iOS 7, some users felt a little bit left aside since most of the iOS 7 features were quite new and unknown. Most users also confessed that they do not know how to delete a simple app. As you know, deleting an app is useful especially if you are conditioned by a small storage capacity. For this, all you have to do is to hold your finger on the respective app icon until all apps start to jiggle. At this point, just press on the small “x” on the top right corner of the app icon. This will permanently delete it. When you are done, press the home button, and you will return to the initial screen.

3. Folders

The multiple folder feature is pretty useful, especially if you are the type of user who wants to keep all things organized. In order to create a new folder, just hold your finger on an icon until all start to jiggle. Once that happens, just drag one icon into another. This will automatically create a folder. In the case of iOS 7 users, the folders will be automatically named, but you can set a custom name anytime you want.

4. ControlCenter

This option will be more than welcomed. Using the ControlCenter, users will have the ability to access various quick controls such as Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Screen Orientation Lock, as well as to adjust brightness, control playback, or to use AirDrop, Camera, Flashlight, Calculator, and Clocks. Basically, ControlCenter will put them all in the same place, in order for you to have a quicker access.

5. Spotlight Search

The Spotlight Search feature is useful when you want to search something on your iPhone. I am sure that any user will want to search down something at one point. The idea of browsing throughout out the whole iPhone to find a single file is quite demanding. In this case, the Spotlight search will allow you to swipe around pages and folders in order to find the file you need. In the same time, when you perform a search using this feature, the device will look into folders, email, messages, contacts, apps and more. If you choose to use this feature, you will have quicker access to your iPhone.

With all these being said, I am sure that you will take advantage more of your device having all these great features in hand. Make use of them in order to have a smoother experience with your brand new iPhone. In fact, the iPhone and the iOS are quite easy to use, when you know what options you have. It might take a while until you become familiar with the new interface, but once you learn your iPhone, you will save a lot of time while you gain a lot of new options.

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